A smile affected by gaps, crowding, or bite misalignment can cause functional issues and aesthetic concerns. Orthodontic treatment can improve your appearance, alleviate jaw pain, and even decrease your risk of tooth decay. Dr. Rafael Mercado and his team at Castle Hills Family Dental in Castle Hills, TX, provide several effective orthodontic options for patients. As a trusted provider of Invisalign®, Dr. Mercado can help you achieve the smile you have always dreamt of without the need for metal braces. 

Invisalign’s clear trays will not mask your smile or impact your confidence during use. 

Your Invisalign Consultation

During your Invisalign consultation, Dr. Mercado will begin by taking pictures of your smile and conducting a bite assessment. This will help us demonstrate how orthodontic treatment could help you achieve a straighter smile and healthier dental alignment. Next, our team will show you samples of Invisalign clear aligners and explain how the treatment works. 

Invisalign treatment at our practice is often just $199 per month with financing through CareCredit® or LendingClub®.

If you are satisfied with your proposed treatment plan, we will take digital impressions using our Omnicam digital scanner. This technology eliminates the need for uncomfortable traditional putty impressions. This information will be sent to the Invisalign lab, where experts will fabricate your custom aligners.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Although your actual treatment plan may vary slightly, most Invisalign cases follow a simple set of steps:

  • Wear your custom aligners for a minimum of 22 hours per day
  • Every one to two weeks, you will transition to a new set of aligners
  • Visit our office every six weeks or so to monitor your progress 
  • Most patients achieve their expected results within 12 to 18 months

In some cases, you may require SmartForce® attachments, tooth-colored anchors which discreetly secure your aligner to your teeth and apply additional force. Whether you require attachments or not, the patented SmartTrack material is designed to move your teeth more quickly and effectively than alternative choices.

Do You Qualify for Invisalign?

Generally, Invisalign can treat mild to complex cases, including underbite, overbite, gaps between teeth, crooked teeth, and overcrowding. The treatment is not just appropriate for adults. Over 1 million teenagers have achieved improved smiles with Invisalign. In some especially severe cases, you may be a better candidate for traditional braces. Dr. Mercado offers several orthodontic options at his office, including metal and clear braces.

Invisalign vs. Traditional Braces

There are several factors to consider when deciding whether clear aligners are the best option for you.

Patient Commitment

In order to be effective, the aligners must be worn at least 22 hours per day. Removable aligners can also be misplaced, which means younger patients may be better suited to braces.

Improved Comfort & Hygiene

Although Invisalign requires some degree of patient compliance, the treatment offers greater comfort, convenience, and flexibility for patients. The trays can be removed for eating, brushing, and flossing, allowing you to maintain a varied diet and good oral hygiene. Unlike metal brackets and wires, the smooth plastic also reduces the chance of friction and injury to your mouth’s delicate soft tissue.

Treatment Cost

Generally, Invisalign treatment costs roughly the same as traditional braces. Invisalign treatment at our practice is often just $199 per month with financing through CareCredit® or LendingClub®. Total treatment cost will largely be based on how long you need to wear the aligners. 

Schedule a Consultation

Invisalign is a great option for both teens and adults who want to achieve healthier, straighter smiles without the stress of traditional orthodontics. To learn more and schedule a consultation, call us today at 210-732-4570 or contact our friendly team online.