Top 4 Orthodontic Treatment Options

By Rafael Mercado, DDS on September 24, 2021

Misaligned teeth can make everyday activities like eating, brushing, or even speaking burdens that limit your quality of life. If you have crowded, crooked, or gaped teeth, we have many orthodontic options available. 

We offer the top four orthodontic treatments at Castle Hills Family Dental in Castle Hills, TX, to fit your oral health and lifestyle. Every patient has their own list of concerns, dental conditions, and anxieties about realignment. Not to worry. Dr. Mercado offers the following choices for your care.

A Brief Look at the Top 4 Orthodontic Treatment Options

  • Invisalign®. Transparent, removable dental aligners that gradually move the teeth into the correct position. 
  • ClearCorrect®. Similar to Invisalign but able to correct more severe dental misalignments without additional pieces. 
  • Metal Braces. The oldest and most trusted form of adjustment tool, known for versatility and consistency in achieving positive results. 
  • Clear Braces. Clear or tooth-colored ceramic appliances that can achieve similar effects to metal brackets and wires. 

Essentially anyone who wants to adjust the appearance or function of their teeth is eligible for orthodontic care. Dr. Mercado and his staff at our office in Castle Hills have over 20 years of experience providing these services.


Invisalign is ideal for athletes, musicians, actors, news anchors, or anyone for whom traditional braces would adversely impact their life. Patients simply wear a different plastic aligner for at least 22 hours every day to gently nudge the teeth into place. 

Once every two weeks or so, usually when the tray begins to feel loose, the patient will insert a new one. If you feel you can commit to tracking and maintaining dental trays on a schedule, then Invisalign might be a good option for you.


ClearCorrect is another brand of transparent dental alignment trays but, unlike Invisalign, they are capable of making more significant orthodontic adjustments without the need for additional appliances. You can also continue to eat, brush, floss, and speak like you normally would. Even enjoy chips, taffy, and steak without fear of damaging the tray since they are removable. 

Metal Braces

Patients who want to close large gaps in their smile or have serious misalignment are better candidates for metal braces. This option is as versatile as it gets with a proven track record of correcting even the most problematic cases. 

Depending on your condition, this might also be a faster treatment than transparent trays because the doctor will have the ability to accomplish more intense adjustments and maintain consistent progress. 

Clear Braces

For patients that don’t care for the look of metal braces but aren’t candidates for trays, clear braces are the best option for you. You should note that, depending on your case, it may only be your brackets that are clear or tooth-colored. Often the wire is still metal. In some cases, a ceramic “wire” may be recommended to look more discreet. 

Schedule Your Consultation 

No matter what option you choose, you should remember that all of these treatments are temporary, simple steps on the journey to the smile that you’ve always wanted. Our caring and compassionate staff are standing by to answer your questions or schedule your initial appointment with Dr. Mercado. Call our Castle Hills office at (210) 405-1257 or send our staff a message online to discuss orthodontic treatment options.