Dental Crowns Aftercare and Lifespan

By Rafael Mercado, DDS on April 30, 2019

Dental crowns can provide support and strength to teeth that have been damaged by tooth decay or injury. At Castle Hills Family Dental, Dr. Rafael Mercado offers same day crowns to improve your oral health in just one day.

Proper dental crown aftercare can extend the lifespan of the restoration. The manufactured cap is effectively impervious to bacterial decay, but the underlying natural tooth structure and surrounding gum tissue are not. If this is the first time you have had a dental cap placed, this overview from our Castle Hills, TX team highlights some important aftercare tips.

How Long Will My Dental Crown Last?

Dental crowns can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years or longer. The lifespan of your dental crown depends on multiple factors:

  • The health of gums and jawbone
  • Type of material used to manufacture your crown
  • Frequency of dental check-ups
  • Oral hygiene habits
  • Your diet (whether you avoid hard or sticky foods)
  • Whether your crown is placed over a natural tooth or dental implant

Tips for Protecting Your Dental Crown

Following these tips can extend the life of your dental crown:

  • Treat bruxism (teeth grinding)
  • Practice good oral hygiene habits (twice-daily brushing and flossing)
  • Quit smoking
  • Avoid excessive drinking
  • Cut back on unnecessary habits like biting your fingernails or chewing ice
  • Visit your dentist twice a year to catch problems early
  • Wear a mouthguard if you play sports
  • Treat misaligned teeth with orthodontics
  • Treat gum disease
  • Avoid hard foods like nuts and popcorn seeds
  • Avoid sticky foods that can dislodge your crown

How Do I Know if My Dental Crown Is Damaged?

There are several forms of damage that can occur to a dental crown. Some forms of damage may be fixed while others may require replacing the crown altogether.

A Loose Crown

The bonding material that holds your crown in place can degrade over time. You may notice that your cap feels loose, and you may experience the sudden onset of temperature sensitivity.

While you are waiting to see a dentist, do not pick at or disturb the loose cap. You can also try chewing on the opposite side of your mouth to avoid further dislodging the prosthetic.

A Damaged Crown

Dental crowns can also become damaged from chewing or trauma. If you notice a change in the texture of the surface of your dental crown, notify our clinic immediately. Dr. Mercado will examine your crown to determine if it can be repaired or if a new crown needs to be manufactured.

Tooth Decay or Gum Disease

If the tooth underneath the crown or the gum tissue around the crown becomes infected, we may need to remove the crown to administer treatment and eliminate the infection.

Contact Our Office Today

Our clinic is proud to offer same day crowns. Our advanced CEREC technology allows us to cut the treatment timeline for dental crowns from weeks down to one day. If you would like to schedule a consultation to discuss if dental crowns can benefit you, contact our office online or call us in Castle Hills at (210) 405-1257.

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