Dental Crowns after Root Canal Therapy

By Rafael Mercado, DDS on May 04, 2021

A root canal infection can develop when bacteria gets beyond a tooth’s protective layer of enamel and into the sensitive nerves and tissues that make up the pulp of the tooth. To eliminate infection and prevent tooth loss, Dr. Rafael Mercado performs root canal therapy.

Root canal therapy is a safe and effective root canal treatment. However, root canal therapy alone can leave a tooth vulnerable to further infection. To provide our Castle Hills, TX, patients with added dental protection, we recommend dental crowns after root canal therapy. Here, individuals can learn more about dental crown treatment and how it benefits root canal therapy patients.

What to Expect during Root Canal Therapy

Before we discuss dental crown treatment, let us provide a brief overview of root canal therapy. During root canal therapy, a small hole is made in the surface of the tooth. The hole grants Dr. Mercado access to the inner layers of the tooth. The inner pulp of the tooth, as well as the entire length of its root canals, are cleaned to eliminate damaged tissues and signs of infection. After removing infected materials from the tooth, a rubber-like compound is used to fill the tooth. Finally, a small filling is applied to the tooth, to seal off any areas of dental damage.

Root canal therapy restores the health of an infected tooth to prevent further damage or tooth loss. Unfortunately, when infection and dental damage are severe, root canal therapy requires significant reshaping of the tooth. This can weaken the crown of the tooth, which makes it more likely that another root canal infection will develop in the future. The best way to strengthen and protect a tooth after root canal therapy is to place a dental crown.

Placing a Dental Crown

Root canal therapy reshapes a tooth by removing damaged material, so when root canal therapy is complete, the tooth should be adequately prepared for the placement of a dental crown. To design a crown that fits comfortably and securely, a mold and digital images are taken of the treated tooth. Typically, these design specifications would be sent to a dental lab, and a temporary crown would be placed while the permanent restoration is fabricated. However, at Castle Hills Family Dental, we have CEREC technology that allows us to offer our patients same-day crowns. A crown can be made onsite while the patient waits. Once complete, we test the fit of the crown and then bond it to the tooth with a special dental compound. 

Dental Crown Benefits

A dental crown completely surrounds the tooth above the gumline to block out harmful bacteria and provide an added layer of strength. Dental crowns are highly beneficial, especially after root canal therapy. Dental crowns help our Castle Hills patients in the following ways:

  • Minimize the risk of further infection
  • Restore oral health and functions
  • Enhance oral comfort
  • Improve the appearance of the tooth
  • Provide long-lasting protection

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