Benefits of Same-Day Crowns

By Rafael Mercado, DDS on January 25, 2020

Dr. Rafael Mercado believes in giving patients in the greater San Antonio, TX area the finest dental care experience possible. This is why he offers CEREC® same-day dental crowns. Using state-of-the-art imaging and milling technology, a strong, tooth-colored custom restoration can be created at Castle Hills Family Dental in just a single visit.

There many benefits to getting a CEREC same-day dental crown. Below, we cover some of the key features of these state-of-the-art dental restorations and why they’re ideal for so many patients.

How CEREC Same-Day Dental Crowns Work

CEREC is an in-office milling unit, which essentially brings a dental lab into the dentist’s office. Rather than sending impressions to an off-site location for a crown to be created and then placed at a later visit, we can take digital impressions of your teeth and have the milling unit create a crown out of a color-matched block of dental ceramic.

Thanks to CEREC, patients have a much more convenient option for treating tooth decay, fractures, and other serious dental health issues affecting tooth structure.

Same-Day Crowns Save Time for Patients

Since CEREC crowns can be placed in a single trip to the dentist, patients do not have to schedule two separate office visits. Instead, they only need to plan for a single visit to the dentist. This means less time needed off from work, and less inconvenience with scheduling.

No Need to Wear Temporary Crowns

With traditional dental crowns, it’s customary for patients to wear temporary crowns for about a week or two until the final crowns are finished. That means going around the greater San Antonio area with temporary crowns that are at times uncomfortable and not quite matched to the color of your other teeth.

Thanks to same-day crowns, you don’t need to have temporary crowns on at all. You simply wait in the office for the custom CEREC crown to be crafted.

Same-Day Crowns Are Color-Matched to Your Smile

The fit of the CEREC crown isn’t the only thing that’s customized. The color of the same-day crown is also carefully matched to the existing tooth structure. The final crown will blend in seamlessly with your smile. This allows us to create a custom restoration with the same level of craftsmanship of a professional dental lab.

Same-Day Crowns Are Durable

You may think that a CEREC crown wouldn’t be as durable as a lab-made dental crown, but that is not the case. A CEREC dental crown is of comparable strength and durability to a dental lab crown. This means you can bite, chew, and perform regular tasks without worry of cracking your CEREC crown. You’ll care for the same-day crown as if it were a normal tooth.

Restored Bite Function in a Single Dental Visit

When patients leave the practice with their CEREC crown, they can go back to eating many of their favorite foods. Patients will want to start with softer foods at first as they get used to the new crown, but they can gradually return to their favorite fruits, vegetables, and other crunchy and chewy foods.

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